Unpackit Award Winners 2011

Congratulations to Potato Pak!

A compostable take-away container made in Blenheim from waste potato starch has won the 2011 Unpackit Award for New Zealand’s best packaging.

Second place in the best packaging category went to Speights swap-a-crate – refillable beer bottles with a deposit system on the crate to encourage you to return them for refilling.

In third place, the humble egg carton – well designed, made from recycled cardboard and fully recyclable.

The worst packaging awards went to

  • Sunsweet Prunes for individually wrapped prunes in a non-recyclable container imported from America
  • Brother Ink Cartridges – Layers of packaging, Japanese recycling symbols wrapped in a non-recyclable blister pack
  • Cadbury Drinking Chocolate – Composite packaging, cardboard, steel and aluminium, only bit you can recycle is the lid.

Run in conjunction with the Roadshow, the competition has been a great success with 102 Nominations and 8743 votes submitted. Plans are to do it all again next year.

Nice work Unpackit team!