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Home is our safe haven, the place we come at the end of the day and share our lives with family and friends. We believe that our homes are a reflection of who we are and how we live. That’s why Ruthven + Co aren’t your average home wares company. We’re doing things a little bit differently.

We’ve spent hours haggling for home wares over endless cups of mint tea in Morocco. We’ve traipsed through the backstreets of towns in Portugal to find potters and weavers who have learned their craft over generations. And in Tunisia we’ve discovered women who make sea grass pendants by hand. Meeting these people makes their stories real and helps us to sell their wares with pride – we know the effort that has gone into each and every one.

Each piece has been carefully curated because it has a story to share. A story not just of its origin, but of the artisans who have crafted beautiful pieces to share their culture and creativity with the world. Imagine seeking out sustainably produced pieces that add a sense of timeless character to your home. By supporting artisans, you’re supporting communities. It’s an ethical way to choose products. And that’s reflected in your home’s sense of joy.

Our Story

Our founder, Jo, has built a few houses over the last few years and that has meant moving – a lot. The process of moving made her think about what we really need – and most importantly, where our home wares come from. It’s that concept of thoughtful purchasing that gave rise to the idea behind Ruthven + Co. Instead of buying things that fill a space and have a limited lifespan, choose each piece consciously and have it last for years. That’s where we started. Now we have relationships with artisans around the world and have sourced some incredibly unique products.


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