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Viva la EV-lution

A small Dunedin firm is doing its bit to help the Government hit its EV targets one ute at a time.

Opinion: Electric cars won’t save us

Opinion: Electric cars won’t save us

Greener homes could boost economy by $147bn by 2050 – report

Greener homes could boost economy by $147bn by 2050 – report
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Elon Musk Announces Tesla Energy – and how we can Save the Planet

Elon Musk announces Tesla Energy

OK, sure – he’s selling a product, but this is inspiring stuff. You could be forgiven for thinking he actually wants to change the world – one battery at a time. And in case you miss it – it’s all being open-sourced.

Ecofest 2014 featuring Nelson Growables

Nelson Ecofest 2014

Nelson Ecofest combines the best of the Home and Garden show with a green conscience and practical solutions for people seeking a sustainable future.

“Bioconcrete” Water Filtering System – via Co.Exist

If your entire house is a water filter, clean water is never hard to find.

UN Report: World Must Move Away From ‘Dirty’ Fuels

Here are a couple of good articles from the BBC on this significant report: BBC News Science & Environment: “World must end ‘dirty’ fuel use – UN” BBC News Science & Environment: “Climate mitigation report: Key findings”  

Solar Impulse 2 Unveiled

Some great coverage by Treehugger’s Zachary Shahan: You’ve probably heard of the Solar Impulse. It’s a solar-powered airplane that flew across the United States last year. It broke numerous aviation records along the way as well as during flights in Europe and Africa beforehand. However, the Solar Impulse was just a prototype. The Solar Impulse […]