Pure Eco Painting

Do you want to make a change that benefits the environment and your own health?

Mainstream paint that is used these days is called Acrylic, in other words plastic, not to mention the toxic chemicals.

Paints I use have ingredients that are sustainable & sourced reliably.

Product warranty outlasting mainstream paint.

Use products that promote re-planting of rain forest through the Rainforest trust organisation.

Personally I feel it’s vital that a change is made to allow a greater understanding of why we change old habits into a more constructive and healthier lifestyle, the planet is calling us to be better role models for the generation of tomorrow.

Pure Eco Painting is a service in Nelson that only uses natural, chemical free paint and timber oil products for your home. We operate in the Nelson and Tasman regions. We are able to do interior or exterior work with no job too big or too small.

Our Story

I have moved back to Nelson with my wife to pursue a more organic lifestyle. I’ve made a conscious informed decision to change from using mainstream paint and oil products to natural and environmentally friendly products that are beneficial for myself, the clients health and most importantly the environment.

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