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Photographers Inc were the first portrait studio to bring makeover portraiture to New Zealanders. Specialising in women and their families while focusing on crisp, clear, timeless portrait images has maintained their ‘outstanding’ reputation in all aspects of service and quality.

Our Story

Photographers Inc has been actively pursuing energy efficiency, fair-trade, NZ-made goals for the past 7-8 years. Our energy usage has reduced steadily with conversion to energy efficient bulbs and appliances, insulation and avoiding inefficient replacements and upgrades. We actively support certified organic and local produce in our kitchen and with all our business purchases. We use local, ethical and environmentally sound products in every aspect of our process that we can - right down to ecostore products (based within walking distance). There are thousands of decisions made each day that affect our human ecology and we are proud to be making ours with environmental (including social and ethical) goals at the forefront of our minds.

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