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Our self watering grow bag gardens have a large reservoir of water that waters the plants from below as needed. The gardens are suited to any sized area and have a natural wooden finish, they are perfect for a small balcony or a large section.

Try our Swap a Bag service to receive ready to eat plants still growing in our grow bags. All plants are grown in certified organic potting mix. We deliver to your house and take away your old bags making sure you always have fresh produce available. No more waiting for plants to grow. Maximise the produce you can grow in a small space.

Our Story

Organic At Home grew out of my passion for gardening and knack for problem solving. I spent the first 20 years of my working life in high-stress engineering roles. While enjoying my leisure time on the land my engineers brain kicked into action and I set about designing a system that would solve the problems most commonly experienced by home gardeners. I spent five years researching and developing the self watering garden system after work, often winding down in the garden with my headlamp on. Finally happy with my product I started Organic At Home and quit my day job!

- Jared Parkes

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