Naked Packaging – Eco Friendly Food Packaging New Zealand

This business is no longer operating.

Supplying the New Zealand Food and Beverage industry with an eco friendly alternative to mainstream food packaging. We source from several suppliers and carry an extensive range, from Palm Plates to PLA, Bamboo takeaway boxes to Birch cutlery. Our website has a full catalogue and online store, or we can open an account for you to be paid monthly.
All our products are sustainably made, biodegradable and responsibly sourced.

(We don't currently have a website address for this business.)

Our Story

Business started for us with Eco Party - supplying eco friendly party supplies online to NZ online retail consumers. Soon we realised that while there were several suppliers for eco friendly food service and catering products they all had a fairly limited range and to be able to access several ranges in one place would surely be an advantage. So, Naked Packaging was born.

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