Forest of Ruru | Conservation Project

A conservation project to restore and protect the beautiful native forest of the Far North of New Zealand. We offer unique eco tours, sustainable products from the forest and services such as timber recovery.

Our Story

We are restoring a native forest in the Far North. Having worked many years to improve it, we are now offer eco tours and products so others can enjoy the forest, and this can help us look after the forest long term.

Things To Do Nearby

Visit giant Kauri at Omahuta Forest, swim or surf at ninety mile beach at Ahipara, or visit Cape Reigna an iconic tourist destination
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One Comment/Review

  1. Posted August 7, 2018 at 7:10 am #    

    Hi There,
    I love the sound of what you are doing. I find there is a lot of green washing when the 'eco' term is used, but actual restoration work is a tangible direct action that is real.
    As a potential customer I care about experiencing NZ biodiversity and look for places to visit and stay where I can experience this.
    I support real life ecological sustainability in the form of restoration of our threatened wildlife. Good stuff Forest of Ruru.

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