Ecomonkey – Creative Sensory Products for Kids

Ecomonkey produces sensory products for kids that are natural, allergy friendly, safe and sustainable.

We make KNEADO dough that is uniquely wheat free, EVERYTHING PAINT that has no nasties and SENSORY BATH SOAK which is fun and also gentle on your child’s skin.

No peanuts, tree nuts, milk, egg, wheat, soy, fish or shellfish are used to create our products and we only use unique colourings that are derived from fruit and vegetables.

Our Story

At Ecomonkey we are passionate about children and their futures, we want to see a move towards safer products and toys and would like to see the planet preserved for our future generations.

If it takes up too much room in the landfill or it is not reusable or biodegradable we don’t use it. We also use plant-based cleaning products in our production facilities.

At Ecomonkey we are passionate about children and their creative futures and are involved in the movement towards safer products and toys.

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