Earthlove – Sustainable products for you and your home

Environmentally conscious, sustainable products for you and your home. Our range is sourced from local artisans and businesses where possible and only from overseas when necessary.

We have a range of everyday household items made from bamboo and stainless steel instead of plastic. We also have a natural range of personal care products which are made locally, some of which are organic, vegetarian and vegan.

We are also growing a knowledge hub where sustainable living and zero waste questions are answered. We hope that this knowledge sharing will create a ripple effect of positive change.

Our Story

We are Kim and Eoin, a husband and wife team who are originally from Ireland but have loved living in Christchurch, New Zealand for the past 7+ years. We are passionate about our environment and about reducing the impact that we have on this gorgeous planet of ours. We have been reducing our waste over the last number of years and want to share what we have learned with others, who are as passionate as we are about reducing our footprint on the Earth. We have carefully curated a range of products that we use and love ourselves to help others reduce waste and avoid single-use plastics.

Things To Do Nearby

Visit us and a wide variety of local artisans at the The Arts Centre Mākete on Sunday -
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