EARTH CHILD Beautiful Skin

100% Organic Skincare made in New Zealand with certified, pure or natural ingredients (including our organic preservative!) and therapeutic essential oils each bursting with skin healing qualities.

Each individual ingredient has been chosen for it’s healing abilities, so not only will they moisturise your skin, they will keep you happy & healthy from the inside out.

Suitable for all skin types, they are completely natural and safe for vegetarians. No hidden nasties, no toxins, no parabens, no cancer-causing chemicals and no furry animals were used for testing. Just honest skincare.

Our Story

We believe at EARTHCHILD that when you pay for an honest natural product you should get one. What began as a personal journey has become an adventure with you and your health in mind. There are too many cosmetics on the market today that are harmful to you, your skin and our planet.

We absolutely love our earth, and believe nature can do everything better than any chemical compound can, therefore EARTHCHILD was created, New Zealand made Organic Skincare, made using only what nature has given to us.

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Papamoa Beach, Mauao, Mt Maunganui.
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2 Comments/Reviews

  1. Christine
    Posted July 9, 2016 at 10:43 am #    

    Hello there
    I am interested in your skincare products and would like to know the ingredients in them. For example, the lip balm and face and neck lotion. Are you able to give me a list for both?
    Kind regards

    • ecofind
      Posted July 9, 2016 at 10:48 am #    

      Hi Christine - thanks for reaching out to Earth Child for this information.

      I would also recommend using the contact form - either from the 'Contact earthchild' link above or the 'Email' link in the sidebar.

      The Ecofind Team

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