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Oooby is about local food. It is a social network & food delivery service. Learn about food growing and recipes at Ooooby-versity.

From the Ooooby about page:

Ooooby (Out of our own back yards) is all about connecting communities through local food.

Ooooby is for you if you either like to grow food (on a farm, in your backyard, in a community garden or where ever) or if you just like to eat locally grown food.

Ooooby exists in two ways.

1. Online as a social network.

Ooooby is like facebook but only for people into homegrown and local food. At Ooooby you can connect with food growers and ‘locavores’ (people who like to eat local food) from all over the world.

Most members are in New Zealand, but we do have members from distant lands. There are currently over 3,800 members and they talk to each other about all sorts of things like gardening tips, seasonal recipes, keeping chooks and bees, preserving surplus food and more. It’s kind of like going to a food growers festival online… so much to see and do.

The other thing members are doing is finding out who else in their neighbourhood is into growing and eating local food. There are now local groups who organise food bartering days and local meet ups.

2. Onland as a local food outlet.

Ooooby also exists as a local food home delivery service which is being prototyped in Auckland.

Other services include Ooooby-versity workshops where you can learn seasonal knowledge on food growing and recipes. For more join the Ooooby-versity group.

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