NZ Organic Wine Awards

The New Zealand Organic Wine AwardsThe New Zealand Organic Wine Awards aren’t like other awards in New Zealand. We don’t have large commercial sponsors and glitzy award ceremonies, we don’t have any entry fees. We don’t have any entry requirements, other than that the wine is certified organic by one of the four NZ certifiers. The awards are dedicated to finding, and awarding New Zealand’s best certified organic wines, regardless of the size of the vineyard, or their ability to compete in a high cost award ceremony.

Our goal is to increase market share of organic wine in New Zealand, and help consumers to easily find, and select a good organic wine.

The first judging was held in July 2014. Of the total 110 wines, we awarded 29 wines throughout a range of varietals with either Gold, Silver or Bronze, based on the score that they received, only the top performing wines in each category were awarded a medal. Please browse the awarded wines via the ‘Wines’ menu at the top of our website to browse, and view tasting notes.

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