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Sunshine, fresh air, clean water and 100% organic pastures. They’re the ingredients that make every FRENZ free range & organic egg taste so good.

All Frenz eggs are genuine certified free range by an independent auditor

We also produce Bio Gro certified organic eggs, inspected by the Ministry of Primary Industries to the highest export standards.

Our chooks have access to varied green plants and insect sources that provide healthy fatty acids, natural Omega’s, high levels of protein and less saturated fat.

Our Story

Early in the 1980’s, mates Graeme Carrie and Rob Darby realised Kiwis wanted a wholesome, humane alternative to caged, battery eggs.

Starting from humble beginnings it didn’t take long for the demand of their superior tasting eggs to grow, and so, in 1989 they formed the New Zealand Free Range Egg Company (Frenz), setting world-leading free range standards in the process.

In 1991, Frenz became New Zealand's first exporter of free range eggs, and with the word spreading about these good eggs, millions have been flown to the US and Hong Kong ever since.

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2 Comments/Reviews

  1. Susan Chant
    Posted June 1, 2021 at 2:59 pm #    

    Have purchased Frenz eggs from your factory shop in Pukekohe for many years and have been happy until recently. I have noticed the Jumbo eggs are now smaller and certainly not the size they have been. The yellow yolks of your eggs have not been as bright but more a dull yellow. My last purchase was extremely disappointing, purchased a tray of Jumbo eggs for $8.00 and our usual routine of poaching eggs for breakfast on Sunday, the eggs we purchased were not fit for this purpose, the whites broke away and the yolks stuck to the bottom of our pan. What a mess and no eggs were eaten. Rung your factory shop spoke to a very informative person called Mel who could talk to the cows or chickens came home. Outcome nothing was wrong with these eggs, but we agreed they could not be poached. After this, never coming back and never buying Frenz eggs again, thanks for the response from Mel and her lack of seeing the situation from a customers point of view. Only refunded no apology, I consider that if you cannot choose to use the Frenz eggs from your factory shop for poaching then they are simply not fit for purpose. No consideration for the mess and inconvenience, only excuse, explanation after explanation from Mel. I did not only buy trays of eggs for my family but for three other people - I will not be doing this from this point onwards as I do not have faith that Frenz eggs are fresh and fit for the purpose of the buyer - perhaps a sign in your factory shop alerting customers that they may not be able to poach the eggs successfully would be helpful, as from Mel's point of view this is ok. I will never return to your factory shop and I will never recommend Frenz eggs to anyone and will never buy Frenz branded eggs from this day forward. It is great that Mel has much great knowledge and confidence in Frenz eggs but her inability to acknowledge issues and recognise the inconvenience that was caused left me speechless. I am probably wasting my time voicing this, but perhaps you need to know how and what your staff are saying and perhaps Mel needs to learn you never hang up on a customer, which she did to me yesterday.

  2. Sarah
    Posted November 24, 2014 at 1:58 pm #    

    Love love love these eggs. We only buy these eggs now because we feel that for a commercially produced egg "flock guaranteed" is the best available option. Best in terms of taste and even more importantly animal welfare.
    Just had an entire 12 mixed grade carton of double yolkers, very exciting. Will be looking out for that flock again!

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