Pine Valley Bed and Breakfast

Only 20 minutes to Auckland but away from all the city noise and grime. Our 110 year villa has 4 rooms and a cottage all ensuite with beautiful natural linen. All solar operated, distilled rain water, with Qualmark Eco Gold. Organic gourmet breakfast. Glasshouse is equipped for parties.

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  1. Posted September 28, 2012 at 10:57 pm #    

    From October 2010, we are pleased to announce Pine Valley has become totally Solar Power operated. In a 100-year-old villa sitting on immaculate grounds bordered by first growth bush, it awaits the seasoned B&B visitor. A choice of 3 different ensuite bedrooms, a cottage, cozy common area, with delicious New Zealand organic breakfast makes the stay authentic and relaxing.
    The grounds have been shaped to handle small to medium sized outdoor weddings or other open-air events. Also the added 100-square-meter glasshouse will ensure that weather will not spoil any event.

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