Dr Catherine Knight on Newsroom: ‘The future must use less energy and have more of the things that really matter’

‘We need to reduce our energy consumption and embrace ‘degrowth’, in which we redesign the economy to put human and environmental wellbeing at its centre’

Article Summary:
Degrowth is a concept that is gaining increasing attention in academic and policy circles. The idea is that in order to address environmental and social problems, we need to move away from the traditional model of economic growth and focus on creating a more sustainable, equitable, and fulfilling future.

Dr. Catherine Knight, an expert in the field of degrowth, argues that our current economic system is deeply flawed and contributes to a range of problems, including climate change, inequality, and social unrest. She suggests that we need to move towards a new economic model, one that is based on the principles of degrowth and prioritizes well-being, community, and sustainability.

According to Dr. Knight, degrowth is not about decreasing prosperity but rather about finding new ways of measuring and achieving well-being that are not based on GDP growth. This might involve reducing working hours, improving access to education and health care, and investing in local communities and the environment.

While degrowth is still a relatively new and controversial idea, Dr. Knight argues that it offers a new way of thinking about the future that is both practical and necessary. With the global population expected to reach 10 billion by 2050, we need to take action now to create a more sustainable future, and degrowth provides a framework for doing so.

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