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We’ve just made it easier for you to tell potential customers about your sustainable business.

There’s always something going on behind the scenes at EcoFind. Generally, we’re so busy actually making improvements that we don’t get around to talking about them here.

However, we’d like to tell you about this new feature so you can maximise the value of your Ecofind listing.

New Sustainable Business Profile: ‘Our Story’

We’ve added a new section to all EcoFind listing pages where you can tell visitors about your story and approach to sustainability.

Up until now, you’ve had to tell your potential customers about both the what and why of your green business within the main listing text.

This new section allows you more space to tell people your story and why it is that you provide the products and services you do and also other ways your business expresses those values.

As both a provider and consumer of sustainable products and services, you will no doubt have discovered that when businesses talk about their approach to sustainability, visitors are more likely to engage with the business.

Visitors to EcoFind are not just looking for products and services – they want to deal with businesses who share their values and commitments.

How to Activate this on your Listing

This new section headed Our Story will only appear on your listing when it has some content.

For new listings, you can add this content on the first page of the listing form.

For existing listings, you can use the Update Listing link found below your listing. This opens a form where you are able to update any aspect of your listing.

Within this form you’ll see a section headed ‘Our Story‘ – fill this in and send us the form and we will process the update.

Every business is unique, so here are some broad ideas to help you get started in formulating your profile:

  • How did you come to be involved in sustainable business?
  • How does it reflect your values?
  • What other ways does your business engage in sustainability e.g. –
  • Waste Reduction, Recycling, Reusing
  • Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency
  • Community & Ethical Trading
  • Organics & Natural Health

Things to Remember

This section is for telling visitors about your philosophy and approach to sustainable business.

Your main listing text and this new sustainable business profile appear on your listing page together, so there is nothing to be gained by repeating points in both sections.

If you want to tell people about your Product and services, use the main listing text.

If you want to tell people why you are producing those goods and services, use the new ‘Our Story’ section.

You may also want to include other things you do or community initiatives you’re involved with which express your wholistic approach to sustainability.

Don’t hesitate to drop us a line if you have any questions or feedback. We love to hear from you.

We’re working on further improvements in this area. Stay tuned!

A Flock of Peaches

2 Comments/Reviews

  1. Posted May 17, 2016 at 7:37 pm #    

    We look forward to talking about our sustainable business philosophy and way of operating following our listing. As the only Enviro Gold Holiday Park in Northland - an award we have held for 5 years - we do have a story to tell.

    • ecofind
      Posted May 17, 2016 at 9:47 pm #    

      Hi Angela - Great! Will be keeping an eye out for your listing.