Spring Salad Ideas from your own Garden

Italian parsley

I’m a great believer in working with what you have. Often when you take a good look, it turns out there’s more close at hand than you thought.

When it comes to spring salad ideas, you may be surprised at what’s already available in your garden!

There’s nothing like a fresh salad straight from your own back yard. The beginning of spring, when the snow’s still falling here and there, may not be a time when you think your garden has a lot of offer in the way of salad ingredients. But I’m discovering there’s plenty of choice to make delicious salads.

I’m far from an expert, but I love to research and try new things. And good research is important when you start delving into less familiar plants and their suitability for the salad bowel.

Thankfully my better half, also the chief gardener, is more clued up on these things than I am and points me in the right direction!

Here’s a shot from a small corner of the garden in which all the plants can make a worthy contribution to a simple salad:

Spring salad ideas: Fennel, Parsley, Broad bean leaves, Chickweed

Spring salad ideas: Fennel, Parsley, Broad Bean leaves, Chickweed in one slightly chaotic corner of the spring garden!

The tender young leaves of Broad bean plants (sometimes known as Fava beans) are quite delicious – who would have thought?

A few fronds of fennel add a subtle anise flavour to your salad, Chickweed & Parsley are full of goodness and add their own unique flavours to the mix.

And these are just a few of the things available at this time of year. Add some young red onions, miner’s lettuce – whatever’s ready – and you have the basis for a delicious and refreshing salad from your garden in minutes.

Grab a bowel and go exploring!

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