Green Urban Living Autumn Challenge 2014

Autmn Challenge 2014 Poster

The Green Urban Living Autumn Challenge is all about making it easy for everyone to live a little greener in ways that suit them and helps the environment.

Become part of the movement to create a personalised green revolution for every person and family that cares about themselves, their children and the environment. The main aim of the Green Urban Living Challenge is for us all to find and provide a range of “little green nuggets”, that people can choose from that best match their interests, desires and situation.

Why not become part of the solution and tap into and help grow a worldwide community using technology to share ideas, successes, failures, hopes and questions.

A who’s who of green champions have been asked to judge each weekly prize including Te Radar, Tony Murrell, Lynda Hallinan, NZ Eco Chick, Annah Stretton, Malcolm Rands and Wendyl Nissen.

To be eligible to win one of the 12 weekly prizes you need to participate and document and share each of the following challenges on the Green Urban Living facebook page or Green Community forum (found on Green Urban You can enter all the challenges or just one, it is up to you.

You can post as many of your own little green nuggets for each challenge as you wish. Make sure you follow the Facebook page/ Green Community forum for lots of ideas, helpful links and information to get you started. The prizes up for grabs each week will be announced online each Monday morning during the challenge. Good luck and have fun.