Sam Judd: Easy resolutions for the planet

Basket of fresh veggies

Source: NZH, Photo by Liesl ♥

Resolution 1: Use it again, Sam

Many people out there think that just recycling is enough to do their bit in the battle against waste. Most recycling is inefficient and only about 20% of what can be recycled actually is. Re-usable products are far better and you can start with the easy ones: water bottles, shopping bags for your produce and, if you are an avid coffee drinker like me – Project Jonah will sell you a Keep Cup.

Resolution 2: Become a rainmaker

You can harvest precious rainwater from the roof of your house. This takes the pressure off the mains supply – which is a good thing – and will save you on your water bill. Check out Barry’s Barrels for a very nice looking tank and easy system to do this at home yourself.

Resolution 3: Eat local and seasonal food

Avoid the crazy food miles involved in bringing imported produce and support your local community by heading down to the farmers markets. Even better, start a local food enterprise and deliver it using this clever software.

Resolution 4: Grow your own happiness

Gardening is very therapeutic, good for reducing stress, an excellent way to save money and it is extremely satisfying to pull fresh produce out of your backyard and feast on it with glee. Learn how to grow food and teach your children (if you have them) the same, as well as cooking.

Resolution 5: Stick your thumb out

Rather than sitting in traffic by yourself every morning, ridesharing is a great way to save money on fuel and meet people to keep you company on the trip into work. Jayride is a great site for this and there is also the rapidly expanding network started by clever people in government.

Resolution 6: Everybody move to the back of the bus

You can save a huge amount of fuel and money by taking public transport. If we filled up all the buses that are out there, there would be less traffic (meaning less road rage – a huge bonus in my view) and fewer emissions too.

Resolution 7: Your trash to someone’s treasure

Rather than just throwing your old stuff that still can be used away, sign up for Freecycle and post it up on there. People who actually need that item can see your post, contact you and come and get it. The particularly good thing about this is that you can avoid driving to the transfer station and make someone’s day just that wee bit happier.

Resolution 8: Naturally of the cloth

Try to avoid buying synthetically-fibred clothing this year. Every time you wash polar fleece clothes thousands of pieces of micro-plastics enter the ocean through the wastewater to be eaten by fish. Natural fibres like merino wool, bamboo and organic cotton look better, feel better and are better for the environment too. I mean really, those fleecy trackpants may be comfortable, but probably shouldn’t be used in public situations.