Permaculture Design Course – SOLSCAPE, Raglan 8-23 Sept 2012

Fri, 20/07/2012 – 13:54 — SOLSCAPE
Start: 08/09/2012
End: 23/09/2012

*Permaculture Design Certificate Course*
Two Week Intensive: September 8 – 23rd 2012.

Course Topics Include:

  • Permaculture Ethics and Principles
  • Design methods and strategies, The Natural Step, Patterns to detail
  • Organic Food Production, Urban Farming, Biodynamics…
  • Social Permaculture, Building networks, Decision making
  • Soil Nutrients, Composting, Worm Farms, Bokashi, EM, soil food web
  • Natural Building, Building biology and ecology, Passive solar design
  • Appropriate technology, Hemp as solution
  • Renewable energy, energy efficiency and conservation
  • Simple water harvesting and grey water reticulation
  • Economic Permaculture, closed loop, community scaled structures
  • Waste as Food, Community Recycling

*Residential Rates from NZ$1545 – rate includes accommodation, 3 meals per day, and tuition.

*Non-Residential Rates from NZ$1045 – includes 1 meal per day and tuition.

Contact us at / 07 8258268 and/or visit our Website

SOLSCAPE is a 10 acre property nestled at the foot of Mt Karioi overlooking the Tasman sea, a short bush walk away from Ngaranui beach and world famous surf break Manu bay.

We are an Eco Retreat offering diverse accommodations consciously designed to fit within our primary goals of minimizing our ecological footprint and inspiring visitors with working models of sustainable living. And a Progressive Learning Centre hosting and delivering learning opportunities in Sustainability arts, Permaculture and Holistic Living.

Tutors: Joanna Pearsall, Brian Innes (Eco Show NZ), and the Raglan Permaculture Community
Location / Venue: Solscape: Eco Retreat & Progressive Learning Centre. 611 Wainui Rd, Raglan
Contact Details: *Email: *Phone: 07 8258268 *Web: