Permaculture Design Course 2 – 22 February 2012, Golden Bay

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3-week hands-on residential course, 2 – 22 February 2012
Tui Community, Golden Bay, South Island

‘Permaculture’ is an integrated land use design methodology based on ecological principles, with practical application from sustainable household to eco-nation to global restoration. The tutors of this course have worked in a wide range of countries and conditions, and have 20 – 35 years experience each in the field. Their teaching styles are interactive, dynamic and fun. This residential course takes place in the Tui Outdoor Events Treefield in Wainui Bay, adjoining the Abel Tasman National Park. It covers the standard international two week Permaculture Design Certificate curriculum, taught in an integrated hands-on way, culminating in several land-use design projects. We are including an additional week to offer the opportunity to for participants to personally deepen in the ecological and social foundation of Permaculture, under the guidance of tutors who lives and work is dedicated to the conscious design and development of ‘all-species communities’. Upon completion, a Permaculture Design Certificate will be issued by The Institute of Earthcare Education Aotearoa.

Course programme broadly covers:

  • permaculture design principles & installation
  • organic growing methods (vege gardens, herbs, animals, fruit)
  • rural land management (orchards, pastures, trees, water systems)
  • ecological building, ‘waste’ recycling & renewable energy systems
  • urban/suburban scale household design
  • sustainable community/eco-village design
  • wildlife habitat & degraded land restoration
  • wild harvest & nature connection

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