Organic Farming Course – Nelson & Marlborough – March 2013

Self-directed, site-specific, down-to-earth Home Grown Organics (Distance Learning Programme)

A new course in organic horticulture offered by the BHU Organic Training College at Lincoln is a mix of correspondence with five days at the college with tutors.

Called “blended distance,” this part-time course will suit people wanting to learn about organic growing but who may have other commitments that prevent them from enrolling in the full or part-time programme at the college.

There are three core courses (foundations of organic horticulture , composting and soils) and several electives that the students can choose (e.g., plant growth, biodiversity, shelter belts, permaculture).

Students have one year to complete the qualification from the time that they enrol. Successful students will receive the Certificate in Organic Horticulture Level 3 and will have the skills and knowledge to be employed in an organic business or be able to maintain permanent yield from their organic home / farming environment.

The course provides the organic growing skills required to establish mutual networks of care and help safeguard the functional holistic integrity of home, farm, community and environment.

The five-day block course is held in March 2013 and is a mix of practical work at organic farming locations in Marlborough, Nelson or the college’s 10 ha certified organic farm, plus classroom sessions with tutors.

For more information about the course, phone the college on 03.325.3684 or see