Food Bill: Steffan Browning in Nelson 21st Feb

The Food Bill – which was supposed to have made its way quietly into law this year – has instead become something of a controversy, polarising opinions and stirring up considerable debate.

Head and shoulders shot of Steffan Browning - Green Party

And this seems to me a good thing. Without public scrutiny and robust debate, shoddy, counter-productive legislation can become law. There is plenty of reading that can be done around the issues. If you want a place to start: “Food rules leave sour taste” gives some overview.

The Food Bill warrants the attention of anyone interested in the future of food controls in New Zealand.

The online petition opposing the Food Bill continues to draw support and currently totals just over 40 000 signatures.

If you live in Nelson, Green MP Steffan Browning is showing the documentary “Codex Alimentarius” at the Volutionary Cinema 53 Bridge St at the back of the Boots – Off Travelers Centre/internet cafe near Westpac on Tuesday 21 Feb at 7.30pm with a discussion afterwards on changes to the bill.

More info on the meeting here

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  1. Posted February 17, 2012 at 12:32 am #    

    Support Steffan Browning in this fight! There is a good list of the new zealand food bill issues and things you can do about it on its a wiki, so anyone can contribute & comment.