NZ Compostable Coffee Bag World First

compostable coffee bags

Fresh coffee consumption is on the rise and with it, a dramatic increase in packaging waste. Enter the new ‘Econic’ coffee packets developed by Christchurch coffee roaster Geoff Johnson.

Johnson, owner of Caffe Prima is a ‘medium-sized player’ but uses about 90,000 foil bags annually. Concerned with the increasing waste, he set about finding a solution.

Although compostable bags have been used for instant coffee, says Johnson, it was a little trickier coming up with packaging suitable for freshly roasted beans and ground coffee.

But Johnson believes he has achieved a world first with a fully compostable foil bag made from wood pulp and corn starch by Hamilton-based Convex Plastics.

The new Econic coffee packets to be launched next week started to soften after a fortnight when they were tested at a Waikato bark composting facility. After 14 weeks they had almost completely disappeared with only small fragments left in the soil.

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