Nelson mum returns from Green Roadie film trip

Nelson mum returns from Green Roadie film trip
suggesting ‘Organic Nation’ for NZ

Tuesday, 13 December 2011, 4:05pm
Press Release: Emma Heke

Award winning Nelson filmmaker, mum and passionate greenie Emma Heke and her
seven year old son Connor are back from their South Island
road trip filming other families who are living the green

They left Nelson in September and have
filmed on the West Coast, Southland, Otago and Canterbury,
capturing a range of ‘green’ businesses with a family
perspective. Emma won a Ministry for the Environment 2011
Green Ribbon Award for her Red Heke Productions DVDs for
children. She and Connor are taking a break in Nelson before
embarking on the North Island leg of their journey, which
will take them North to the Hokianga.

“We are filming over 60 families with environmentally sustainable
businesses and lifestyles to showcase the diversity of green
business and dispel myths around green living,” Emma says.
“We’ll be telling the stories mainly through the eyes of
the children involved and we reckon every New Zealander will
be able to identify with at least one family in the film and
be challenged and inspired to make a difference too.”

Emma says the trip so far has been inspirational and

“The quality of organic products, the
integrity of organic business practice, the viability of the
businesses – it’s all so inspiring and the footage we’ve
gathered is first class,” she says. “We have a wealth of
organic experts from all fields in this country –
overwhelmingly the message is clear that as a country we
should forget about mining and fossil fuels and concentrate
on getting high quality alternative energy sources,” she
said. “Also, a united vision from all these people is that
NZ has the potential to be a world class leader as an
organic nation where we could command a world premium and
our country would be truly clean and green.”

Connor is home-schooled and Emma says the trip gave him a huge range
of experiences.

“He’s made tee tree oil, milked goats, fed lambs and calves, made cheese, picked
strawberries and has mastered a Canon digital SLR – most of
the photos on our Facebook page are his! He’s made
innumerable friends his own age, plus adults, and the depth
and breadth of what he’s learning is incredible.”

Emma’s epic journey is titled Our Green Roadie and is
largely self-funded. Emma rented out their home while they
were away and they sold her DVDs for children along the way
to pay for fuel and accommodation in camping grounds.

From all this filming will come a series of programmes
aimed for prime time TV viewing and a feature-length
documentary set for national and international film
festivals, and Emma hopes, for community and school viewings

“We think seeing such a variety of green
lifestyles will really show people what is possible and will
greatly impact on mainstream New Zealand,” she says.

If you want to help Emma to make a difference she has a
range of suggestions, find out more at or email Emma for a proposal.