Environmental Concerns Weigh Lightly for Nelson Winemaker

Lars balancing a very light wine bottle

Environmental idealists Richmond Plains have released their first wine in New Zealand’s lightest 750ml glass bottle. Weighing in at a mere 325 grams and at just over 1kg full of wine – it’s lighter than some other bottles empty.

“We genuinely do care for the environment” says Lars Jensen owner of Richmond Plains organic wines.  “Maximising the use of our resources and minimising our impact on the environment is a global issue so we’re very excited to be leading the way by using such lightweight bottles.”

“The first wine to be released with these lightweight bottles is our Richmond Plains 2011 Monarch Rosé.  “This is one of my favourites throughout the year” says Lars.  “It’s a delicious and refreshing wine made from hand harvested organically grown Pinot Noir grapes.

“It has been a big challenge to find suitable lightweight bottles in New Zealand.  The lightest bottles we have been able to use previously were 40% heavier.  So these really do make a big difference to the environment and across our business.”

The bottles are 20 mm shorter which means it is possible to stack more cases onto a pallet and fit more into a container.  Taking fewer resources to produce and transport, reducing fossil fuels consumption significantly.  They are also much lighter for trade and customers to handle with a case weighing 1.5 kg less at just 13kg.

This wine is named after the Monarch Butterfly.  The presence of butterflies like frogs is a measure of the health environments around the world.  “Butterflies are found throughout our vineyard and are symbolic of the care we take in looking after the environment as we work with nature to produce lovely wines that are good for you and the planet” says Lars.  Richmond Plains sponsors the New Zealand Butterfly Trust which aims to protect and encourage people to look after such beautiful insects and the environment.

Our Richmond Plains Monarch Rosé is exported to Hong Kong, Japan and Australia.  This wine and others from the Richmond Plains range are available from specialty retail wine stores nationally or direct from our Richmond Plains Cellar Door – www.richmondplains.co.nz.

For more information, photos or samples, please contact:

Lars Jensen 03 544 7585 or 0274 486 666
lars@richmondplains.co.nz or visit