Bicycles of the Future?

Designer Dror Peleg with her Frii plastic bike

A bike made from recycled plastic. A bike ‘grown’ from bamboo. Just two recent eco-design innovations hinting at the shape of the future.

Focussing on the mass production of bicycles with limited resources, Israeli design student Dror Peleg produced the “Frii” concept bike.

Constructed from recycled plastics using injection moulding, this single speed city bike is less Labour-intensive and more accessible than conventional metal bikes. It can be customised and adapted to local needs and resources.

Bamboo bike concept by Alexander Vittouris

Australian design student Alexander Vittouris has conceived of a new approach to bicycle manufacture: grow it.

The usual process of shape modification is to manipulate the product ‘post’ harvesting using energy intensive methods such as steam or heat bending.

Vittouris proposes the structural frame of the bike is grown on the outside of a skeleton inner structure. The shaping process and energy being derived from the plants natural growth.

Innovation and graceful design suggestive of new approaches to contemporary urban transport needs.

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