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“AgroFair is the pioneer in sustainable fresh produce and fruit ingredients.

Since the introduction of the first Fairtrade banana in 1996 we have developed into a producer-owned provider of sustainable fruit to leading supermarkets and food businesses in Europe. Currently we can offer a complete fruit basket of sustainable produce. All our fruit is minimum Fairtrade certified and sometimes organic certified as well.

Since the early days, AgroFair has grown in size and stature as an importer and distributor of organic and Fairtrade tropical fresh fruit. What makes AgroFair’s way of working unique is its ownership structure. The producers are the main shareholders of the company, and are therefore represented on the Board and at annual shareholders’ meetings and they receive a share of profits.

Our partnership is unique in providing a direct sustainable supply chain from producer to customer: Fruitful, Tasteful and Respectful.”

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