Nelson Masked Parade 2010

This year’s annual Masked Parade lived up to its reputation as a spectacle of sound, colour and enthusiasm.

Entrants and spectators enjoyed perfect weather, plenty of post-parade food options and good entertainment from the More FM Carnivale and Sonic 1903 Live Zone.

The theme – ‘On the Move’ inspired a kaleidoscope of creativity which included sheep herding, cars, criminals on the run and a number of fish themes – Good times for all!

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Nelson Masked Parade 2010Nelson Masked Parade 2010 - 02Upper Moutere School - Sheep - Nelson Masked Parade 2010Awesome TheatrePerfect Man - Nelson Masked Parade 2010Big Heart - Nelson Masked Parade 2010Tribal - Nelson Masked Parade 2010Blue - Nelson Masked Parade 2010Clowns - Nelson Masked Parade / Carnivale 2010Rose Shepard Art Studio
Bird man
Medieval man
Swim fish
Drum in the Sun
Pith Helmet
Celtic Rhythms
Victory School and Principal Mark Brown
Victory School on the move
social masks

These photos were taken by Rob Edwards of LifeformLabs. They are licensed under the Creative Commons system and may reproduced for non-commercial purposes as long as attribution is given. See below for more details. There are high resolution versions available to entrants, schools etc. Contact me at LifeformLabs.

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