eDay Nets Large Haul

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This year’s eDay saw around 900 tonnes of e-waste dropped off at 52 collection points around the country.

This region saw 1009 vehicles drop off a massive 70 tonnes at the two sites compared with last years 52 tonnes.

National organiser, Laurence Zwimpfer of the eDay New Zealand Trust, said the response around the country was phenomenal.

“The amount collected today filled over 110 shipping containers which is a phenomenal result. It demonstrates that there is clearly a lot of old computers out there being stored in cupboards and garages and New Zealanders want a solution to disposing of this gear in an environmentally friendly way,” Mr Zwimpfer said.

The Government estimates that there are 80,000 tonnes of electronic waste disposed of into landfills in New Zealand per year.

Mr Zwimpfer said electronic waste (e-waste) and its toxic materials, including lead and mercury from old computers, is globally the fastest growing waste stream – posing a potential toxic hazard to the environment. Land filling e-waste also does not allow for the recovery and reuse of valuable materials such as gold.

“Thanks to all our eDay 2010 partners and volunteers for helping us divert e-waste from landfill. We have had a tremendous amount of positive feedback from people around the country today so if legislation isn’t in place and there is still a need for eDay, we would like to run it again in 2011,” Mr Zwimpfer concluded.

More details at www.eday.org.nz